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Why Not a Right to Work?

I put something on FB about people having a right to work. You get that idea going to school. They tell you that a high school diploma will get you a job, that is make your chances better, but when you have finished school and even gone further in school you hear that it is not the education that matters but your experience. Really, that’s just politics. If you are not on the right political side they just do their best to discourage your chances at work. More money for them, more money for their Party.
That’s how work is, you can be an outright bigot but you can’t grow your hair over your ears. Work or livelihood is apparently controlled by right wing bigots, homophobic, narrow minded idiots and greedy, unscrupulous businessmen. Then you have Ronald Reagan come along and call them the backbone of America. Doesn’t anyone think in this country?
My friend from my childhood in N.Y. says it is not the role of the government to find you work. You have to do that yourself. He has a job. He is meditating on his retirement, watching his 401 K and likely making plans for his lovely little step-grandchild (he married grandma). Not me.
I was so delighted to see my friend on FB and I thought things were looking up. Grace, Gurumayi would call it, but as it turned out, Ray, the former RFK champion is now a Right Wing Nut, much like a young fellow his big brother befriended when we were friends, a tall Bakke supporting smart ass, who sole concern was that a negro might beat him out of some great scholarship, since he was a great intellectual – kind of a poor man’s William F. Buckley. The fact that we had enslaved the negro and in the south, who fought a war to keep him a slave, he was not even allowed to vote or drink from the same water fountain as white people was lost on the great mind, Bobby Giegerich.
I remember once I got into an argument with him that turned into a fight and he held me by the head while I vainly flailed away. He was 4 years older and nearly a foot taller. He didn’t make the basketball team like my friend’s big brother but he liked to play in my neighbors back yard. He wasn’t apologetic for any of us 3, 4 or 5 years younger getting hurt. He played to win.
My childhood friend from N.Y., Ray, has no news on whatever happened to Bobby Giegerich. It seems to me Giegerich became Ray. But, then Ray talks about a boss. Is Bobby Giegerich his boss?

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