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Who We Are

I’m reading D.R. Butler’s lesson number 1. I’m familiar with a lot of this. I’m familiar with the present moment. My learning comes from Adidam Samraj though. I bought some of his books and tapes.
Sometimes when I wake up and I want focus I say, this moment. I know that Shiva is the moment and so this way I focus on the deity of the mantra. This has developed for me that Shiva is the deity. He is like Ram, Krishna or God. When we embrace a concept of God something happens. Although I was repeating Om Namah Shivaya I was missing the Shiva. It was like my subconscious mind was sneering at this name, Shiva.
I used to like to equate Christ and Krishna but I neve saw that in Shiva. Few books have been written harmonizing Shiva and Christ. That’s the reason.
Guru and Christ much more likely than Shiva and Christ. Still it depends on your belief. There’s a book that has been written. They refer to Jesus’ statement, “according to you faith be it done to you.” Yogananda, particularly, according to my memory, speaks of the form of your belief. If you belief Shiva is God, God will appear to you as Shiva. We’ve seen this in science fiction and maybe they borrowed the idea from the Indian Yogis. Autobiograpy of a Yogi was written in the 50’s. Yogananda died early in that decade. I’m just referring to my recall. I don’t have the books with the copyrights here before me.
So, as the lesson said to have good memories inot your mind instead of bad this memory has been a good one.

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