No Sex?

Must I subdue my sexual nature to meditate and realize the eternal self?

I’m reading about the importance of the present moment. It’s all there is. Adidam said that very well in his tapes and books but here it is again in D.R. Butler’s lessons.

I was reading about ojas today. I remembered it from Baba Muktananda and Ram Dass. A subtitle of Be Here Now was from bindu to ojas. Muktananda said, somewhere, the indexes often fail me these days, something about meditation eating the ojas. So, I looked up ojas (and tejas as I remember them being paired) hoping to help some of us who are dieting. I came across one link that was simple and direct and another that spoke of subduing or “transmuting” our sexual passions. It spoke of Vaishnavism and although I know some Siddhas have been Vaishnavas, usually it is ISKCON who is a Vaishnava although they qualify it again with Gaudiya, indicating it’s geographical origins (they are from the province of Gauda).

Still this is a site with a ying yang emblem as it’s logo. Looking further inot the matter I discovered the latter site is a site based on the book Cupid’s Poison Arrow. I watched a video from the site which was pretty interesting. It covered a current topic about loving relationships.

I guess I don’t have to fear a surge of “get celibate” or “get brahmacharya” just yet. By the way, you may like to visit Ram Dass’ website while you are fiddling about.

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