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My Money

I’ve been rather involved in money living with my mom and then after mom passed away. I decided to put some of the money from the sale of the home in stocks.
While some of the money I invested did well some of it did not. The best investment I made was in Apple. I also invested in Amazon which has become quite a dog. Mad Dog, Jim Cramer recommended Amazon and it went up to way over what I paid but I didn’t sell it then and now it is in the abyss of low prices. I would recommend buying it as it seems to go up and down like this. If I can hold on until it goes up again, I will sell it then because I will need it.
I have had to sell Pfizer, Plum Creek Lumber Company and Caterpillar at losses. Wait, I think I was up a dollar or two on CAT. I sold them to put money in the bank so I can pay my rent and bills. I have, by the way one of those accounts where you have to keep $1,000 in it to keep it going. I will have to get rid of that to avoid the penalties. It will mean getting rid of my money market account but it will be worth it. I wil just put the money in the MMA into my checking. There isn’t much there anymore.
I pray that God’s Grace will bring me into better straits soon. The lessons I have started with D.R. Butler, which you may know of if you follow me on Facebook or which I may have mentioned here at WordPress have greatly encouraged me and I feel like things are Getting Better all the time.
Last night, Seinfeld told a joke about the Beatles song by that name. As you may know the singer sings, “I used to bad to my woman I beat her and kept her apart from the things that she loved” but things were getting better. I swear I have never beat a woman and I hope I haven’t kept any of them from the things that they love but it is getting better, it’s getting better all the time.

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