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The Minimum Wage

October 27, 2010 Leave a comment

On MSNBC a lot is being made of politicians who don’t know the minimum wage. Usually that has been the billionaires using their own money to buy a seat, like Linda McMahon in Connecticut, but tonight they spotted our Alex Sink without the answer to the question. There were some complaints about the moderator and the debate rules a lot like Hillary Clinton complained about the puff questions being given President Obama when he and she ran against each other for the Democratic Presidential nomination. I understand Rick Scott was getting to go first and Alex was not getting extended time to rebut. I saw the Meek, Rubio, Crist debates and I questioned that the moderator could not be black. It looked like 3 white men against a black kid.
I am chronically un and under employed. I occasionally have to look up the min. wage to see what it is. I remember it being $6.47 not too long ago. Now, it’s up to $7.25. I sometimes get confused and call it $7.35. The last time I had work …it came through financial aid, a Pell Grant and a Stafford Loan. The minimum then was $5.15. It’s only when you are working that it seems to matter. I remember working for $1.40 on my own aunt and uncle’s farm. One day that I nearly died of heat stroke got me $14.00. I couldn’t even buy an double album for that. I think it was 4 Way Street I wanted. Lots of people want that minimum raised to $10 an hour!!!
I know a lot of kids who wish it was $7.55 as I do and I would like to get a raise from that a few weeks after joining the job. That happened to me in 1977, when Elvis died. I had a construction job for a few weeks. It was called N.W. Inc. which I always called Northwest, Inc. but was actually Norwood, Inc. named after a man named Norwood who even visited the construction site. It was Turkey Creek Golf and Country Club. I worked on constructing the Country Club proper. I was distracted by wild women though and the promise of another life, the commune. Many hung the whole thing on marijuana but I still don’t think that was as big an issue as the promise of an alternative life and the factions fighting against it. I got a raise a NW, Inc., what a prize that seems like now. Or a promotion. Those were things Work/Study just 20 years later, couldn’t offer.
Alex Sink is leading that asshole Scott in the Zogby Poll and probably others. She is the best choice for Florida. I wish MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell had pointed that out!!! He is always in favor of Democrats, I thought.

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Congressman Meek

October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, we all pray for miracles but it looks like that’s not going to happen for Kendrick. I will most certainly vote for him on Nov. 2nd but his numbers are at 21% vs. 45% for Cubio and 29% for Crist.
Election Day is just 2 weeks away.
I gave $201.00 to him last summer. That really isn’t that much money. I’m sorry that now I can’t give because all my money is just credit card debt. I’m on food stamps. It would be nice if Kendrick could pull ahead of Crist but it doesn’t look good. It would send a nice message to the Tea Party and the GOP if we could. I don’t see any way of getting ahead of Rubio.
Who is Rubio anyway? Where is he from. Once he defeated the venerable Gov. Charlie Crist who wasn’t so venerable it was like he was the shoe in for the seat. Could it be the Democratic establishment gave up on the seat when Crist decided to run for it?
Kendrick hasn’t been the candidate that Betty Castor was. She at least made it close against Martinez when this seat was open before, in 2004, the year we suffered 4 hurricanes.

Craig’s List, Tina and Kentucky

October 6, 2010 Leave a comment

I put an ad in Craigslist to meet someone. Got a letter from a woman named Tina. She wasn’t trying to get me to join an adult website or look at her cam and so we have been talking to each other via e-mail.
She lives in Kentucky though. That’s over 700 miles away. She wrote about getting a plane ticket and wanted me to help her pay but a ticket is over $600 which seems to me just too much. A drive is over 11 house according to Map Quest. She says she loves me but there hasn’t been a lot of mail. I know she works and all but still I only have 3 pictures of her, well 4. The 4th I am not sure is her.
I have left my address and phone number on the e-mails but she has not called. She could leave a message.
She was born and grew up in Rome, Italy. Very interesting. She’s a cute young girl.
Meanwhile, I still can’t find a job. A place nearby is looking for networking help but my knowledge of networking is limited. Their name is Florida Detention. They keep things in. Right there, just 7 miles away in Melrose. Boy, that would be GREAT!
I have good and bad news. I feel like some grace is happening as I chant Mahalakshmyastakam more but at the same time I was criticized for my resume by