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Craig’s List, Tina and Kentucky

I put an ad in Craigslist to meet someone. Got a letter from a woman named Tina. She wasn’t trying to get me to join an adult website or look at her cam and so we have been talking to each other via e-mail.
She lives in Kentucky though. That’s over 700 miles away. She wrote about getting a plane ticket and wanted me to help her pay but a ticket is over $600 which seems to me just too much. A drive is over 11 house according to Map Quest. She says she loves me but there hasn’t been a lot of mail. I know she works and all but still I only have 3 pictures of her, well 4. The 4th I am not sure is her.
I have left my address and phone number on the e-mails but she has not called. She could leave a message.
She was born and grew up in Rome, Italy. Very interesting. She’s a cute young girl.
Meanwhile, I still can’t find a job. A place nearby is looking for networking help but my knowledge of networking is limited. Their name is Florida Detention. They keep things in. Right there, just 7 miles away in Melrose. Boy, that would be GREAT!
I have good and bad news. I feel like some grace is happening as I chant Mahalakshmyastakam more but at the same time I was criticized for my resume by JobFox.com.

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