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Congressman Meek

Well, we all pray for miracles but it looks like that’s not going to happen for Kendrick. I will most certainly vote for him on Nov. 2nd but his numbers are at 21% vs. 45% for Cubio and 29% for Crist.
Election Day is just 2 weeks away.
I gave $201.00 to him last summer. That really isn’t that much money. I’m sorry that now I can’t give because all my money is just credit card debt. I’m on food stamps. It would be nice if Kendrick could pull ahead of Crist but it doesn’t look good. It would send a nice message to the Tea Party and the GOP if we could. I don’t see any way of getting ahead of Rubio.
Who is Rubio anyway? Where is he from. Once he defeated the venerable Gov. Charlie Crist who wasn’t so venerable it was like he was the shoe in for the seat. Could it be the Democratic establishment gave up on the seat when Crist decided to run for it?
Kendrick hasn’t been the candidate that Betty Castor was. She at least made it close against Martinez when this seat was open before, in 2004, the year we suffered 4 hurricanes.

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