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The Minimum Wage

On MSNBC a lot is being made of politicians who don’t know the minimum wage. Usually that has been the billionaires using their own money to buy a seat, like Linda McMahon in Connecticut, but tonight they spotted our Alex Sink without the answer to the question. There were some complaints about the moderator and the debate rules a lot like Hillary Clinton complained about the puff questions being given President Obama when he and she ran against each other for the Democratic Presidential nomination. I understand Rick Scott was getting to go first and Alex was not getting extended time to rebut. I saw the Meek, Rubio, Crist debates and I questioned that the moderator could not be black. It looked like 3 white men against a black kid.
I am chronically un and under employed. I occasionally have to look up the min. wage to see what it is. I remember it being $6.47 not too long ago. Now, it’s up to $7.25. I sometimes get confused and call it $7.35. The last time I had work …it came through financial aid, a Pell Grant and a Stafford Loan. The minimum then was $5.15. It’s only when you are working that it seems to matter. I remember working for $1.40 on my own aunt and uncle’s farm. One day that I nearly died of heat stroke got me $14.00. I couldn’t even buy an double album for that. I think it was 4 Way Street I wanted. Lots of people want that minimum raised to $10 an hour!!!
I know a lot of kids who wish it was $7.55 as I do and I would like to get a raise from that a few weeks after joining the job. That happened to me in 1977, when Elvis died. I had a construction job for a few weeks. It was called N.W. Inc. which I always called Northwest, Inc. but was actually Norwood, Inc. named after a man named Norwood who even visited the construction site. It was Turkey Creek Golf and Country Club. I worked on constructing the Country Club proper. I was distracted by wild women though and the promise of another life, the commune. Many hung the whole thing on marijuana but I still don’t think that was as big an issue as the promise of an alternative life and the factions fighting against it. I got a raise a NW, Inc., what a prize that seems like now. Or a promotion. Those were things Work/Study just 20 years later, couldn’t offer.
Alex Sink is leading that asshole Scott in the Zogby Poll and probably others. She is the best choice for Florida. I wish MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell had pointed that out!!! He is always in favor of Democrats, I thought.

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