Goodbye, Facebook

My account’s been deleted on Facebook. Something I posted or uploaded. I actually believe something there was reported. It was considered children sensitive. My brother asked me to delete some coarse language I had posted. I wouldn’t. I suppose it was he who reported me.
Well, who needs Facebook anyway? Why should I have to look out for 9 year old children. My brother has a 9 year old grand daughter. He says he was concerned about her seeing this profanity. He mentioned his other children failing to point out they are all grown and graduated from college. Two of them are either 40 or near 40 and the other. Well, who cares, really. They don’t talk to me so I won’t talk to them, thank you. Imagine, 40 year old man obligated to their father.
So, no more Facebook. Should they make the account active I will close it myself, thank you. I can no longer tolerate it’s small mindedness.
Considered now, that maybe it was the posting from Nerve where an article mentioned the 7 bad words you are not allowed to say on TV by George Carlin. It came up on my Newsfeed so what’s the big thing? FB will not say what content was so offensive. I have had nudes in my photo albums for a year or so. They were artistic nudes. They will not tell what the offensive material is however.
However, after reading about the Indonesian diplomat who was made impure by touching America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama, I read the article about the swear words we can’t say on TV. The Parent Television Council released a chart of which of these words are our FAVORITES.
It’s very small of Facebook as well as my brother who may or may not have reported me. Well, it may have been that post a day after the election in which I had hoped to see a woman elected Governor of Florida. A friend of mine who shared with me on FB a lot was ecstatic that the votes had turned against President Obama. I needed this friend a year after the President was elected so her true colors can easily be hidden. She got a thousand dollars to help me so what did she care if I voted for the black man. I hear a lot of racism where I live now.
I have some Siddha Yoga friends at Facebook. Can’t say where they stand on many issues either. Hopefully, this is just the Shakti getting me away from the computer so she can give me a job. I do surf too much. I guess it’s a distraction from more important things. Nobody seems very friendly on Facebook anyway. My old boss appeared there and she wouldn’t even know me. What does that tell you?
I am much too adult for FB anyway. At the time I was disabled I was surfing an adult singles website, GetItOn. For a moment I thought the raucus video I had uploaded had gone to FB. That couldn’t be because they only take 2 minutes of video at FB. GetItOn will take a lot more than that. I’m looking for sex. I’m looking for good times. You can credit my being there for not giving a damn what happens to Facebook. Give it credit for my canceling my account there.

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