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New Meds

Dr. Francon at Village Doctors put me on Tricor again. Good Pills, Worst Pills told me Tricor was bad for me, that I could lower my triglycerides with Niaspan and exercise. I don’t know how much of each of those they expect. The exercise is killing me, making me morose and disagreeable and the Niaspan doesn’t seem to be lowering the triglycerides. Although, GPWP says Tricor may lead to early death, I don’t care, what are those triglycerides going to do. Also, he told me to take Omega 3’s. They are most effective in Fish Oil and I am an avowed vegetarian. I will take the Fish Oil anyway. I got the Wild Alaskan Salmon Fish Oil from Sam’s Club. It appeared to be the purest variety.
I had an urinary infection a couple of weeks ago that made it difficult to urinate. That has completely cleared up. The good doctor also gave me something for the yeast infection which made my penis itch. That seems to have cleared up, too. I got 2 expensive pills for that and cream. I’m watching that because it has been with me for years. Never got any pills before.
I feel so close to getting that job. Not getting it makes me blue. I’m disappointed when I don’t even ask, like at Mother Earth, but I have asked before and gotten an application that I filled out and was never hired or even called, so I have a feeling. I believe in the feeling. Like in Ram’s lessons it’s important that you keep the good vibe going. That’s what creates the world and your experiences. I’ve never read Norman Vincent Peale but he and the yogis seem to agree about this, it’s good to keep a positive attitude.
I had some Indian dishes with chicken in them yesterday, some hot dogs the day before. I guess my reasons are personal. I seldom go to a meditation center or any sort anymore. I may as well enjoy myself. Prem Rawat believed in that.
Regarding that enjoyment I updated my GetItOn profile yesterday. Uploaded some videos.
Watching lots of nice movies on my big TV. There was a good one with River Phoenix, “Little Nikita.” That poor fool had to play around with heroin and overdosed on the stuff. He was 18 when he made “Little Nikita.”
Nice weather we are having in Florida. I have my window open where I sleep and I’m not getting the sniffles from it. Oh, it’s such an energy saver.
My new vehicle, the 1992 Chevy Astro Van is a real gas guzzler, as my friend Jim at Riviere Tire told me. He had suggested I look for a Honda Civic but I thought I could get some work done, moving out of my $115 storage space with it. I managed to get moved to a smaller space, $50 plus tax, but the Van takes a lot of gas at one time. I haven’t figured the milage, doesn’t seem too good, but I have to put $50 worth of gas in it every time I gas up. It has a gas tank lock, too, which is probably good given how much gas I need to get.
Baba was in my dreams last night. What a fascinating dream it was, too. Before my doctor’s appointment yesterday, Mayi said, I will have to wash. Just mental projections, I guess, but all there is is mind according to the Buddhists and Siddha Yoga says the mind is the great Chiti Shakti contracted. That’s why Mayi says don’t be so contracted. Open the mind up. Open yourself up.

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