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Ed Schulz, democrat and Philadelphia fan

Well, the Phillies lost to San Fancisco this year but the Eagles are a comer. I’m disappointed that my home boy Cornelius Ingram who went to the same high school as I is injured and not able to play for Philly. I wish he had landed with an AFC team. I think he would have been happier there, mayb KC or, of course, Jax.

Get well, Cornelius, they don’t know how great you are.

Well, Vick, on the Eagles now, had a great game last night and faces the Giants next week who had a bad game, missing Steve Smith, I think. Can anybody step up. Where was Samari Rolle? Kitna had a great game, Eli didn’t. Some guys on the line are missing for Gints, too. The offensive line who defend the QB and open up holes for the backs.

There was another big Philly fan on my politico talk shows. Who was that man? I forget. Can’t they find anyone from New York to advocate for the left? You would think with a population of 14 million they would be able to find one. They get all uptight about who owns the teams. I wonder about who plays for the teams. Is Arod as liberal as he is rich? Derek? I was the rare one in 2004 that thought the political support for the Boston Red Sox was all wrong. There are 14 million voters in NYC. They are so sad that the Red Sox have never won. Why? Would you be sad if the confederacy always lost? And they do in history. They try to come back in political conversation you know. They do subtly suggest that the black man is inferior, they join parties that will advocate that way, like the GOP. Do they resent Bob Dylan? He is highly successful. He still sings for Columbia Records. What kind of political influences does it have? Ted Turner is just as rich as George Steinbrenner ever was, why don’t the Braves win? Is it all about their politics?

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