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GOP balks at Defense Budget

Do any of us Americans give a damn about any of the rest of us? They called the 70’s the Me decade so apparently this selfishness is out of the way. We can’t repeat decades. I do think the idea of pop psychology that offered us I’m Okay, You’re Okay in that decade was that if you could find your won health only then could you make others healthy. 6 years of that decade were dominated by Nixon and his his administration. One great thing that happened in that decade was that Nixon was put out of office but Tom Wolfe didn’t think that much to grasp. The troops came home, affirmative action and abortion rights advanced, but still Wolfe thinks of it as a selfish decade. There was a great recession under Nixon and many said this was why I found no job. State Universities wanted to compare themselves to Ivy League institutions like Harvard and therefore high standards were set or perhaps I should say continued that wouldn’t allow me to go to school. I had 1.2 G.P.A. The university far and wide was considered an uptight place. They threw a student out for posing in the nude in the ’60’s. That woman established a head shop in Gainesville, the “home of the University of Florida” called The Subterranean Circus. Nothing subterranean is of value at UF. You might think members of the subculture would want to stick together given this but it’s hard for us all to live in peace, gays and hippies fight, nudists and coke addicts don’t like each other. Those committed to an open sex lfe, fold on that and get married or fight for their rights to their partners.

The GOP wants to stand in the way of the next Defense Budget or is it something else? Where is the Department of Peace? We should be spending on Peace. You know they don’t want a vote because Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is a part of it. They probably have special interest backers who want to tell us how to spend the Defense money. http://tinyurl.com/34s6j8p

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