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Folks and John Lennon

Visited Gaskins Farm in 1975. They called themselves the Folks. The Folks on the Farm. Naturally the word could be used to mean anybody, just look it up. You do get the idea there is some corollary with folk music.
I think there got to be too much folk music. No rock and roll. Hell, where to get the money to rock and roll, concerts cost $24 in 1972. Everyone had gone natural, back to nature. BTN went out business quick. The media killed it, I think. It was a bit austere in its own right. It’s really still around, though, just check out The Farm dot org’s site itself. Visit products and you may get an idea of what they are into. They are very folksy. They rent a little place true to the original Farm dwellings for $19 a day. They’re in Tennessee you know.
Some people don’t like the Farm’s lifestyle. The vegetarianism, the meditation. Still, they love a John Lennon. The blonde Beatle. I wonder if he had some Swedish blood in him. Of course he was quite skinny, too. That’s important. Makes you holy and certainly John Lennon is holy. No doubt about that and this has nothing to do with his being skinny, Swedish or drug addicted. He was the Beatles. McCartney wasn’t necessary, nor those other two. They should have just gone on John, George and Ringo and done a tour.

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