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Thanks for the (selective) HELP.

Isn’t it interesting how selectively helpful people are? They will do this thing, but not the other. They will be your Facebook friend but won’t follow you elsewhere on the Net. Facebook but not Twitter, not WordPress. They will chant with you at a meditation center but not go to your home or allow you into theirs. They will lunch with you at the ashram but not at Starbucks. They will declare that God lives within You as You but will not go to bed with you. It’s kind of like welcoming half of you with half your heart, not ALL of you with ALL of my heart. We can now quibble about the use of the word all. All as in a multitude of people or all as in your heart and mind and physical being.
Even the government. It will give you food stamps, but not a job. It will protect you from violence on the street and even in your car but not from corrupt authorities who deliberately misuse the laws.
Sure being selective is an important part of us but do we take it too far? And why?

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