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Giants lose to Eagles in Philadelphia

Giants have six games left to put themselves in a position to win a Wild Card or maybe even the NFC East. If Philly could lose a couple that would be helpful. In the other divisions, the Bears and the Saints need to lose a game. The Gints play Green Bay in December. They play the Eagles again and still have 2 games to play against the Redskins. They also have the St. Louis Rams and, next week, the Jacksonville Jaguars. I just don’t know how much energy they have. I would just love to see another running back in the backfield to give them some excitement. I remember Coughlin at Jacksonville traded for Natrone Means late in the season when James Stewart was unable to fulfill the promise he showed at Tennessee University. I remember Stewart. As a Gator fan I was always happy to be able to stop him but since he was on my team I was disappointed he couldn’t gain more yards. It’s a funny thing when a player who was great in college doesn’t do well in the pros. I can’t explain it.
Brandon Jacobs caught a ball down field against the Eagles but he once again dropped one of those short screen passes. I was truly surprised that Jacobs caught the ball down field although Chris Collinsworth thinks Jacobs has good hands and is a good pass receiver. Maybe it’s just balls thrown downfield that he’s capable with. I’ve seen a lot of dropped passes out of the backfield. Bradshaw drops them, too. The screen is actually a weakness for the Giants.
The Giants played so poorly against the Cowboys and the Eagles played so well against the Redskins that I was really surprised the game was as close as it was. I expected the Giants to be blown away just like the Redskins, but the Giants made it close and had the lead until they blew it away late in the 4th Qtr. An offside penalty and a decision to go all out to stop the QB sneak on 4th down that led to a touchdown, did them in in the end. You can add Eli’s unfortunate timidity running. He still doesn’t get the rule about being touched to be called down. They used to damn Gator QB Chris Leak for not giving himself up but when he went down he knew how to slide and he didn’t fumble the ball. For 2 years in a row Eli has given up the ball on a fumble when he decided to run for the yardage. GOD! He gets the yards and goes down. Can’t he let someone hit him or doesn’t he know how to slide? For sure he has taken his share of sacks. He can’t be scared of getting hit. Last time was in East Rutherford. We play the Eagles again in East Rutherford in a few weeks, 4 to be exact.
I was surprised to learn that Vick came into the league in 2001 and Eli in 2004. They make Eli sound like such an old veteran most of the time. No Brett Favre, huh? It’s unfortunate we are without Steve Smith. He really is GREAT and I think we could have won the past 2 games if we had had him around. No one can move exactly like him. I guess no one knows the game that well. When will he be back? I understand in December. That’s next week I think, or is it. Next week the Giants will be playing my AFC Jacksonville Jags in East Rutherford. Sorry, Jags, but I have to root for the Giants.

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