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Thanksgiving Thoughts

Ellen wanted to know what we are thankful for this Thanksgiving. Right off the top I came up with “Thankful for D.R. Butler’s lessons, ‘Living in the Truth of the Present Moment.’ ”
I had some problems with my Twitter so I post it here.

It’s so great to know it is all right here in the present moment, that we don’t have to be anybody or do anything, it is right here, now. Be more light hearted, be more cheerful. Last week I ordered form SYDA. Although I have a bunch of DARSHAN magazines I purchased one. The name of it was Love Begets Love. I didn’t know if I had it already. I had problems with the subscription when the magazine was made smaller. I had trouble appreciating it. It wasn’t LOOK or LIFE anymore. It was TV Guide, but now I am able to read it, remembering all the good feelings I got from it when I first subscribed.

I’ve become an omnivore of late, eating sausage and eggs and beef. Got a little sick yesterday. Although I got a flu shot I still think I got a bit of the flu. The shot has obviously helped me as I took some Day Quil last night and I feel better today.

This van takes so much gas. It really is a problem. Most of my use for my car had been just cruising around, relaxing, but I am not wont to cruise so much when I have to fill the tank for over $50. I still have a lot of stuff in the van from moving to my smaller storage compartment at Melrose Mini Storage.

I have been disabled at Facebook, you know. That continues. I just don’t know how many people were even listening to me over there. Maybe nobody. I don’t miss it. I can do everything here that I could do over there, except keep up with newsfeeds. I now keep up with those types of things at Twitter. I follow Swami Satchidananda over there.

The sweet scents of the Holidays are everywhere. They were at least at the Mother Earth Market on 13th Street in Gainesville, yesterday. Sweet scents. I love them.

Happy to hear that Tom Delay was convicted of money laundering in Texas. I wonder if the Supreme Court will confirm this convicition. I’m sure the DeLay money will take it all the way to that Court. A lot of Democratic victories were created out of GOP corruption in 2006 when a lot of the Congress was won back.

I don’t know who is reading this but, welcome, whomever you are.

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