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Disabled AGAIN

Strangely, I’ve been disabled at Facebook again. They say it is over pictures, again. I didn’t upload any new so I wonder if they do a thorough job detecting what offends them.
I got the Facebook enabled again yesterday and wrote a few posts. Today, I was disabled again. It’s a shame they can’t report who reported you. I really don’t appreciate their Disneyland attitude.
I don’t see many kids on Facebook and I don’t talk with any. Soares had a kid. She was a Zeppo lover. I don’t like Zep and I said so. She got really mad, so did Ricky. They could report the things they know FB doesn’t like. They should join an organization called Citizen for Decency on the Internet. It would probably fight terrorism, too.
But you don’t have to be friends to report what you consider offensive material on FB. I’m pretty sure.

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