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Commercials Political Content and commercials I just don’t like

Do you notice commercials expressing political content, especially talking about the economy. Look at the one from Best Buy about Christmas cheer. Christmas cheer means savings. I hear it means savings for rich people.
Christmas cheer is savings for rich people. Not wasting our money on cold and hungry Indians in South Dakota, not wasting our money on little brothers that big business won’t hire because he has long hair, doesn’t have a great work history and worships eastern style, om namah shivaya. That’s how a Best Buy saves!!!
“These days you really need to finish college, get your B.A. to get a job.” I’ve heard that enough. I’ve also heard about a lot of people who didn’t even finish high school and became rich.
I resent though, hearing the economy knock in these commercials.One didn’t hear it when Bush was letting the economy go to hell, or should I say, sending it there.
It’s obvious where these big corporations put their money. They side with the big business bitches on CNBC who think Obama isn’t business friendly. They mean Big Business friendly, the only business they really know. You don’t call Best Buy a small business, do you?
Another thing going on is using some of the wonderfully gentle music of the 70’s, like Melanie’s Brand New Key and Cat Stevens’ Wind to advertise an HP printer or some financial service.

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