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Their Divine Grace, the Middle Class.

I copy and paste here a letter I posted to Salon.com today regarding the tax cuts issue which has mostly dealt with the unfairness of tax cuts for the rich. No longer considering myself a member of that elite group of people, yes, I mean the middle class, I find some objections to the media’s obsession with them.
Here’s the letter, it was titled, “Gee, the middle class.”

Living with my mom who received a pension from the railroad for herself and her departed husband I accepted the idea that I belonged to the middle class. I didn’t let ideas of class much bother me. I grew up in a New York suburb on Long Island and my folks retired to Florida, albeit dad was from this hick part of Florida to begin with, so it made sense to me that I was a middle class boy. That edits out the drop out from the university, the many years of unemployment, the minor possession busts and the general antipathy toward people like me who wore their hair down to their shoulders and chain smoked.

So, now that momma’s gone and my siblings, 2 70ish step siblings and a Mr. 66, have no intentions of helping me support myself, I reflect on all this shit about the middle class and I say, “Who the fuck is in the middle class?” Actually, tax breaks to the middle class to me are like tax breaks to the rich, I’m suppose to wait for the trickle down. Knowing how greedy Americans really are since they can’t even give a job to a sober 50’s something, hair cut, white boy liberal following a Guru nobody acknowledges as being of any significance, I figure their will be no trickle down and remember that’s from the middle class.

So, I say, fuck the tax cuts entirely!!!

They mean nothing to me. What I need is a GD JOB!!! And I need it quick!!!Thank you!!!
—Eddo1000 Read Eddo1000’s other letters

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