Kunda li ni, Chinee?

Last night before I fell asleep I was thinking about the word Kundalini. It seemed to be a special word, a non-Indian word. Like I learned that Hare, Krishna and Rama were the names of God when I first started studying yoga and reincarnation and all of that. I enjoyed some Buddhism but after meeting the Feast people it was hard to grip on to Buddhism. There was no big Buddhist order in town competing with Krishna devotees. Although I met a nice Jewish man who followed Sikh master when I went to Santa Fe there were no Asians who were devout Buddhists teaching at the only school I was able to excel in .
So, it started to occur to me that the word Kun da li ni was unlike other words. It is a name of God, actually of a Goddess. Kundalini is the Goddess Shakti, kind of, at once a person and an energy. How it is Chinese might be available through my sister’s love of Chinese food and I think Chinese things. There were many of such things around when I was a child. There was a tea set with the suggestion of dragons and a tea pot that was black with Chinese art painted on it in gold and blue. My step-sister, the oldest of us all loved that stuff. Once when we stopped at a Chinese place, the Szechuan Panda, in Gainesville, I saw a teacher from the college. I was there with my whole family, practically, minus John and his folks. Just the Catholics, I guess. A famous Sant Fe psych teacher happened to be leaving. I wanted to introduce her to my family but I never had her class so I let her go.
So, Kun da li ni. See how it sounds Chinese?
One Chinese place in Gainesville was called Chinee Takee Outee. It was cute and funny. I never had anything from there and I thought it demeaned the Chinese a little bit. When we were at the Szechuan Panda that day my brother Bill, a.k.a. Boo, made fun of the way the Chinese speak just as the name of the take out place does. He embarrassed my sister but it was not very offensive. I’m sure if you had a friend you were comfortable with they might find it funny, too. So, I thought about it, Kun dal in i. Ku nda lin i. Kunda Li Ni. Kunda Li Ni. Li is a big Chinese name so Kundalini could in some sense be Chinese and may be taken that way here in the sticks of Florida where we live. They would like to take it that way because it would demean a great tradition, a competitive tradition with their own. “Kundalini? Is that Chinese or something?”
I just think Kundalini requires more respect and I hope I can give it some.

P.S. There was a beautiful black woman at Publix last night. That one out by Mother Earth Market near I-75. There were actually a few of them and they discussed dinner that night and then I ran into them again in the produce section where I was looking for some cold juice. I have a bit of the bug and I need some juice. Young and beautiful and perhaps Jesusonian.

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