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Siddha Students

Reading the new lessons from Ram Butler I long to communicate with old Siddha students. I don’t really like the meditation center proper. The building. It is in an industrial park something I have learned is unpopular with American Farmland Trust, an organization I belonged to for a while.

I think the industrial park really gives a vibe but it’s probably just my projection. Another vibe I get is nobody wanting to associate with me on a personal level. They don’t want to know about the Irish and the snow of N.Y. or the heat and the south in my life. They don’t want to listen to the nuances of my voice or see that I laugh at certain ideas I think would ruin the country and the world.

It’s a shame because I think that is the real worship. I think that is really seeing the God within. It’s what awakens love in human beings. The Urantia Book, a book I have fallen out with because I find it prejudiced against other religious views, especially mystical views, says God is personality. In this sense, that when we enjoy other persons, when we love them, then God is personality, because personality means of a person.

The light that Jesus says he was just can’t exist without people loving people. So, I am very disappointed when no one wants to commune with me on the Web or go out for a dinner date, nor stay over. But it’s just my projection and I will have to change that, so that the world will change.

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