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Letter to Salon responding to Bill Clinton and Mr. Obama at the White House

So, Who Cares?

I’m broke, unemployed and on food stamps. Why should I care. Clinton looks like a friend to me. I don’t care where he stands on the issues. He always was the moderate. He could have been Paul Tsongas, you know.

I really half expected Ross Perot to beat him in ’92. Since then, all this hype about what a campaigner he is. Not to me. He promised to have Paul McCartney to the White House, but he never did.

He’s just like all the Democratic presidents. LBJ did so much but gave us that war, too. Kennedy, did he kill himself campaigning in that convertible or was that necessary to his image? He got us into Vietnam by the way. His image as anti-communist and a war hero were integral to his victory in 1960.

Carter, pro-war for many years which people seemed to forget when he talked about Jesus. Remember the synfuels project he wanted that would destroy mountains? Wasn’t such a darling to rock and roll and the agrarian left after a year or two. Where were Bob Dylan and the Allman Brothers in 1979. There was just Iran then. We should be thankful that there is no such crisis as that now.

Something to be thankful for.

Clinton helped a lot in 2006 get the right wing press off of our backs, talking hit jobs and so forth. He got that from David Brock who now prevents people from using swear words at his Media Matters site. What a long way he has come. Is censorship a bit of dirty tricks he’s taken to now?

Forget David, I’m sure don’t ask don’t tell is most important to him, but let’s remember the Republican Noise Machine isn’t just what’s on TV tonight.

Do we think we have it beat by electing a black Senator from Illinois who only served 4 of his 6 years and electing a majority all too happy to get rid of corruption evidenced by the bribery of the Top Gun congressman, Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay.

In our delight in our victory I wonder if we haven’t taken our eyes off of wonders like Rep. Foley, in charge of protecting our children writing dirty e-mails to children. I hope we are not headed to making those kinds of mistakes.

It appears President Clinton has been forgiven for his marital indiscretions. He cost a lot of people electorally with that affair. Do you think he was not completely committed to serving the people or did he think it was okay to have a party in the White House?

President Obama may as well have had poor old President Carter up there. I’m sure he would hve loved to have Ted Kennedy if Ted was alive and if he would endorse that tax package he just made.

Could President Obama be missing Rev. Wright? Rev. Wright was his Guru as many people put it. He was a black nationalist which sunk his boat but some black pride might be in order here. Where are the black cabinet members? Where are the black appointments to the court? Are any of us concerned with goings on in Africa? Have we changed that Bush anti-AIDS program that insisted on abstinence the way to prevent AIDS.

Are we really changing and is anyone really paying attention? I was for Hillary and it disappointed me that Obama would even run. I don’t have a tear for Ms. Obama when she talks about black men dying young. So many black men happen to be very poor. That may account for that. That Obama ran because his days may be short does not impress me. He ran, to me, because he couldn’t control his ambition or he wouldn’t sacrifice it to a Sen. Clinton victory in November.

I frequently think she would not have been much better. I know how people, especially on the left, hated her. I’m sure she would have been chastised no end for still having troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. She said she would be out in 6 months. I remember Kerry saying we could trust him in 2004 to deal with Iraq. He’s not the Secretary of Defense so there’s no noise out of him about how the war is being handled. And boy, as a Democrat is that Butch to me that Obama left a Bush man as the Secretary of Defense. A Bush man who was hired to quiet things down in the CIA originally and then promoted when the heat got too heavy for Rumsfeld to handle. This is the peace issue. The issue that damned Mrs. Clinton. She would not apologize for her vote to give Bush war powers. Obama will not apologize for leaving a Bush man at Secretary of Defense. I guess we were lucky Rumsfeld was replaced or we would have him still running the war.

Mr. Obama is no Gene McCarthy it’s clear to me and speaking of large national figures, where is George McGovern these days? Weren’t he and Mr. Obama in love?

I guess the numbers are down on the dead and maimed in these wars, but the Democrats sure did push how much money there would be if we got out. Since I am unemployed and on food stamps, that matters to me.

—Eddo1000 Read Eddo1000’s other letters

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  1. December 17, 2010 at 3:58 PM

    I think it’s proven now that the Democratic party is only slightly to the left of the Republicans. Most, like Obama an d Clinton, are corporatists, and though they are morally superior to the Republicans, they their utmost to protect the center.

    • edsaves77
      December 17, 2010 at 5:10 PM

      Although few can point to the presidents’ salaries it does seem that the presidency is more a prize of personal ambition than
      the place for world servants.

    • edsaves77
      October 10, 2011 at 6:17 PM

      You know those republicans keep swinging further to the right. They make Nixon look like a democrat.

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