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32 years

As I near a state of homelessness I reflect upon the days when I would hitch-hike to far away places like Colorado, Tennessee, Arkansas and Boston, Massachusetts as well as places to my south like the Florida Keys, Melbourne,  and the beaches. I never actually hitched to Melbourne but it was a memorable time I had there. I also visited Hollywood, Florida but I didn’t hitch there, either.

That was 32 years ago the last time I felt secure that I would get rides and be able to come and go. I reflected little on the fact of free transportation. Little did I believe that something was expected in return for all that riding to and from. Now I wonder if some commitments were not expected of me, if I made some wrong decisions that cut me out of the free ride industry. Was it loving TV? Was it wanting the home, the job and the car? Was it not turning a blind eye to crime? (and I’m not speaking of the common drug usage and sale). I really don’t know. I just don’t know that I could that stuff now. I need my prescription for my diabetes for one thing. I don’t see many people out their hitching rides, old or young. Have they made a law forbidding it? Looks like it is one heavy thing to do to put your thumb out there. I guess that’s because we’ve become so lonely in America. Maybe, it’s me. I lived off my mom. She got a check every month, albeit it wasn’t for all that much. I suffered immensely while my father was alive. He was one stingy son of a bitch and he had skin cancer which didn’t let him out of the house. With me stuck there by my suspension from school and no job, it didn’t make for much of a scene. I was on academic suspension by the way. I’m not a misbehaver, I just don’t do all my work. Actually, I skipped some P.E. classes that really hurt me. Yes, I had an attitude.

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