I’ve been into my Itunes yesterday and today. Just listened to Cat Stevens singing Catch Bull at 4. I really like that album. I understand the critics panned it. Cat sings about love a lot which makes me think of the teachers I interact with, like Adidam and Gurumayi, even D.R. Butler. Actually, especially D.R. or Ram right now. At the end of the last song I heard Cat, not Yussuf Islam, says think anything, and why not. I can think of a lot of reasons to not think just anything thanks to Ram’s lessons. Your mind creates the universe. But the song was all about the love inside himself, that he couldn’t keep it in. It was the song called “Can’t Keep It In,” the last song on “Catch Bull at 4.” He sings Spanish on there. I guess he had experience Spain. I lot of Muslims live in Spain and he mentions a woman on the album who could move mountains. Muhammad moved a mountain. I find Yussuf’s religion interesting. I was interested in Sikhism once. I have a book of Kabir’s poems which are part of the Granth which is a Sikh holy book. Kabir was a Muslim who was initiated into the path of Light by a Hindu. Such a thing could still be in store for Yussuf. I read of Guru Nanak who had disciples who were both Muslims and Hindus. Muslims, of course ate meat and didn’t believe in reincarnation, yet the followed Nanak. Nanak was the founder of the Sikh religion, a religion of Hindu and Muslim unity. I guess part of that would be for Hindus to recognize Muhammad as Holy and for Muslims to recognize Krishna the same. I don’t really know how that goes. I know there is mantra and so forth. One of the mystical Muslims mantras is HU. Often it is said as ALLAH HU. The followers of ECK use the mantra HU, too. They are not related to the Sikhs as far as I know. These days it seems Sikhs are better known for the assassination of Indira Gandhi and her son than for any unity between the religions. That’s very unfortunate. Unity is a great thing. Essentially all religions preach the same great truth of loving one another and God.

Last night I listened to the deep introspective works of Jackson Browne. They depressed me. I wonder if he has ever realized the Gom-Boo doesn’t exist. Although everyone loves Jackson I think he is quite the tortured soul. I took in a few Elvises and Gloria Estefan as well. I have a lot of CD’s that appear to not be in my music folder on my laptop so I am copying them in. I’m sure many will not enjoy my varied and sometimes old fashioned tastes. Oh, I listened to Leon Russel, too. I’m up on the Tightrope. He sings a song called Hummingbird that made me remember Seals and Crofts’ Hummingbird (Don’t Fly Away). The hummingbird is significant spiritually in Seals and Croft’s religion. It represents the soul. I looked up the religion of Seals and Crofts back in the 80’s. They followed a Jewish Prophet. He didn’t espouse the theory of reincarnation. It was quite a scene in the 70’s, all that religious stuff. The prophet’s name was Bahaullah and the religious stuff is covered pretty well by Bill DeYoung at his page on S&C.

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