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Meet the New Day

Well, I have awoken on this the 16th of December and made my coffee. I’ve had my prescriptions but I still need to take the insulin and my vitamins. Oh, I mustn’t forget the fish oil.

Hey, Back Again. Took a short trip there, now I’m back. Took my insulin and fish oil, commented on Yankee life and took a call from Bankers Commercial Life who had seen my Monster profile and wanted to offer me a position as a courier. Well, I was excited but then I learned that this was a sales position, selling life insurance and other products available through Bankers Commercial Life. I wonder if they differ from Bankers Trust which is the bank my brother’s wife and father in-law worked at. I thought of her, my sister in-law when I got the call. The man was an Indian which was interesting because I have mentioned my yoga affiliations on my Monster profile. Unfortunately, the job was down in Ormond Beach which is a bit of a long ride. Now considering I run a ’92 Chevy van I worry that getting dressed as they wanted me to  would be a problem. Not really, I guess. But I would have dressed and gone to the interview if it had been in Gainesville. Unfortunately not for the beaches. I guess I have indicated that I would accept moving, which I am not sure I should but I did because I get no bites from the Monster.com profile. He, the caller, also mentioned not having to go door to door or do your own canvassing which sounded very good for a sales position.

The fellow gave me his name. It sounded very American, not Indian at all. Anyway he had info on me that put me still in Melrose and with an e-mail address of eddiebryan@windstream.net. When you leave Windstream they do nothing for you. They don’t forward mail or anything. But, I’m at eddiebryan@att.net. I have been for over a year now and I live in Keystone Heights. Look at my Monster profile and see if you can figure out how I was considered to be in Melrose, still with a Windstream e-mail account.

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