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That ol’ Facebook Magic

I am having trouble posting to my Facebook. I have read that too many status updates get you in trouble with FB, as if it was spam. Hard for them to know spam from sincere personal sharing.

I was at the Siddha Yoga group and there were lots of nice pictures there. I only wanted to say so. I had posted a comment there about disciples wanting to see Gurumayi. I wondered if they were having a hard time experiencing Gurumayi in their own heart. I know this is difficult, but not something to be forgotten. I then made another comment that was just Om Namah Shivaya and Sadgurunath Maharaj ki jay. I don’t know how old or mature in study or meditation any of the posters are but … it’s the thing. God is in you Heart. That’s IT!!! Thank God we live in a country like America so we can include these great understandings in our own religious thought. We are unbound by laws making it criminal to say Jesus was a Perfect Master or that Om Namah Shivaya is the Living Word.

“I love the photos. What blessings from the light of our eyes. We are so blessed to be able to see.”

That was the post I tried to post. Blame it on the connection if you wish to be deceitful. I thought it was a clever way of speaking, a clever way of understanding. You know the eyes can’t see a thing without light. Gurus speak of the Light of Consciousness. I have heard this expression, the light of the eye. It is poetic, indeed. I don’t try to apply science to the thought.

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