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msnbc.com U.S. & World News – For microphilanthropist, donations are a part of daily life

msnbc.com U.S. & World News – For microphilanthropist, donations are a part of daily life.

I posted here about my experience with giving.

Here’s the post.

I can’t blame my giving on my going broke, but some people do. It’s the unemployment. As a long haired hippie I have been largely unemployed for most of my life. What I have has been given to me. I can’t help but give when asked. I gave to John Kerry to win the Democratic nomination. My money ran out when he was running for President though. I have that problem. It happened this year with Ms. Sink. It’s hard to know who to give to and who not to based on who will win and might not. I gave to Kendrick Meek. I give to the Natural Resources Defense Council, I give to People for the American Way. I give to American Indian Relief Council, I gave to Hillary Clinton’s campaign to win the Democratic nomination for President, quite a lot. I give to PRASAD the charitable hand of Siddha Yoga, $20 a month. I gave when Haiti was hit by an earthquake through AmeriCares, $50. I give through my cell phone company Working Assets. I once belonged to Common Cause and Sierra Club but I just can’t afford it anymore. I’m nearly $9,000 in debt and unemployed.
My mom died in 2007 and left me what she had, some money and her home. In 2009 I had to sell her home to pay my credit cards with which I had been paying the bills. Half of the sale of the house went to paying those bills.
And it’s not like I am liked for being generous. The community college I went to will not let me back because they think I am a bad person. I had an argument with a teacher who was not even teaching a course I was taking. I had to apologize to the teacher who was teaching the course I was taking who didn’t even want an apology as far as I know. I was treated as some kind of stalker or something because the teacher teaching the course was an attractive young woman. I had argued with her over grades when an elderly teacher got involved. I tried to return to school when my debts were getting large and I still owned the house but they would not let me in because I was a disciplinary problem. I was in Information Technology.
So, I feel I am quite the philanthropist myself though I think I am not as organized as the featured person.

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