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Watching Gurumayi, Missing Gurumayi

So many people speak during the course of the day, you may hear so many songs. We often don’t know who is speaking or singing. I find it good to focus on who Gurumayi is. I try to appreciate her position. India is a famously sexist nation. It is quite something that Gurumayi sits on the Siddha Yoga Dais. She is not an …old man like Baba was, yet she must give light to all.

I was thinking of a story of a devotee whose deity, his Ishta Devata, was angry with him for not treating him as human. It may be that my mind saw no advantage in seeing Gurumayi as human or that it and the ego simply had no idea what being human was. With Gurumayi, all these people call her their master. I guess anyone can, anyone who has been to an Intensive but actually anyone who wants to. This puts her in a high order and she must deal with fame and politics and history. Isn’t that human?  That’s being human. In a podcast recently Prem Rawat says no everything is peaches and cream for the spiritual master. He does not live in a constant state of joy. He has bad days, he has good days. Prem Rawat is only saying that he’s human. In Krsna Consciousness they explain the tears that flowed when their master died as separation. They speak of people disappearing. This is the word for death. The also speak of constant joy but read their books and you find the greatest devotees crying over things that mattered deeply to them. One I think of is of Gadadhar Pandit not given permission to follow Gauranga, Lord Chaitanya to some place he was going. There is another unfortunate occurrence when Lord Nityananda, another of the Panca-Tattva kicked a devotee. Ah, but I can’t remember all of it.

These days I hear many complaining of Gurumayi not being present. She is not in the ashram. They can’t see her in person, or physically as they all seem to like to say. Why don’t they say in person? Is that too show bizzy for them? Is it so much more serious what they are doing than what show people do? I recalled today some of the show people who were at the Birthday Intensive in 1992, James Brolin, Peggy Liption and Phylicia Rashad. Someone at Open Salon wrote about Peggy’s meat eating. Peggy of the Mod Squad, you know. She had been a vegetarian until she met Quincy Jones. Something about Quincy’s meat eating ended her vegetarianism. She was married and divorced from Quincy before she attended this Intensive I believe. She was one of the hosts for it, she and the other two show business personalities I mentioned. I’m afraid we are denying our fascination with fame and stardom when we fail to mention these folks but then there is no great uproar of applause at Shree Muktananda Ashram when such people speak. There is just the same reverence as when any other person speaks. It was so long ago, I must admit that I can’t remember it perfectly, their may have been applause. There were speakers that the audience, most of which sat cross legged on the floor, did seem to have more of a relationship with, for instance Swami Shantananda, a devotee from Puerto Rico who speaks with a slight lisp. He wrote a book, by the way called Splendor of Recognition, in which he recollects his meeting Baba in India while on his “search.”

I guess I can appreciate more serious devotees missing Gurumayi. As I look at her videos that I have watched in over a year, since I got the HD TV and I couldn’t even figure out how to connect an ordinary videotape player to it, I see her big brown eyes and the way she is still relating to you even while she is chanting the Guru Gita or giving a talk on the mind and compassion. She has compassion for you and your state.

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