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I was once an avid reader of the Krsna Conscious material. They fit in well with all I had read about reincarnation and I liked the stories about Krsna and living the devotional life but I couldn’t agree with them about many things like abortion and sex and so forth. I have no idea how their public image may have affected me, “the people in the airport who give out flowers and bother you” perception. Although I really enjoyed their books and Buddhist books on Tibet I thought Siddha Yoga was the best thing for me. I read Play of Consciousness and although I didn’t think it was the best spiritual book I ever read, I liked it. It was easy to read but I find these other books in Siddha Yoga, the Pratyabhijnahridayam, Yoga Vashishtha and the Shiva Sutras, very difficult. No story line to these. I don’t feel like someone is right there talking to me. It feels like these are the laws and you better live by them, whether you understand them or not. Most of them are not full of dictates though as much as perceptions. I have already read much perception, i.e. Bhakti Yoga is the topmost system, only through Krsna Consciousness can one achieve total liberation and other religions have their points of view too that make them appear the exclusive path to Heaven. Some experiences had on these paths can make one really think it’s true and the mind wonders then ow to deal with all the negativity associated with that path/religion. There’s no time to write it all down either, it just kind of sits there in your head.
When I was enthused about Krsna Consciousness I went right out onto that road near my house and I put my thumb up. I was going to the Krsna Center in Gainesville. No rides. No, no rides at all. This was a very significant thing. How was God on my side if I couldn’t even get a ride. Was this some social bias? I thought so. So, I sought out a path that was a better friend to society or one that society thought was a better friend. I thought that was Siddha Yoga.

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