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Charges to my credit card, The Street

I just had to call Bank of America because my Working Assets credit card was under suspicious use. I have been using it for everything with the prayer that one or both of my always had work brothers might pay it. I heard the spanish kid on the line say The Street and I told him I knew what that was, a stock market thing. He mentioned Siddha Yoga, too, which I had just made a purchase from. So when he was satisfied with the current charges and that no fraud was occurring we said our goodbyes and Happy New Years and hung up. Then I thought, hey, what is the Street doing here. I gave up on the market ages ago when I spent the last dime I had there. I was with ETRADE. I had been watching Cramer and all. I have seen those commercials for ETRADE and I was curious about playing the market. I watched satellite TV and I saw Cramer advising on the money and all that. Little did I know how GOP supporting all that stuff was. Christ, the guy was ecstatic when Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy’s senate seat. I had given money to Brown’s opponent Martha Coakley both directly and through Emily’s List.

While I was involved with him I bought his book Getting Back to Even and I subscribed to this online thing. I just read the subscription price was $400. I think I paid less. I think there was a deal on that. I’m thinking I paid $200 but I am looking out if there is the amazing AUTORENEW on that and I just checked and saw that there was not. The subscription ended today. They send you e-mails. I wasn’t reading them anymore. He doesn’t want to make friends, he wants to make money. He didn’t make me any money and no doubt it’s my own fault for not putting enough of myself into it. Two big dogs were Caterpillar which in his book he looked for with the housing market perhaps springing back up which it didn’t and Pfizer. Two other dogs, Cisco and Amazon. Lost money on both of them. Only earned money on Apple, Gold and EGO, El Dorado Gold Corporation which Cramer has in his charitable investments portfolio.

My family and I are not smart about money. Right now I think if I was going to go using up my credit card I could just as well have kept the stocks, but here’s the thing, I’m getting food stamps now that I wouldn’t have gotten if they had known about stocks I held. Right? Right! That’s $200 a month.

Overall I lost on the stock market. I might well have been better of if I had consulted with Kam Scott the banking officer at Wachovia who put my house money in a Money Market.

My Uncle Al, the veteran of WWII combat, a Brooklyn taxi driver and a motel owner would rather go to Atlantic City than invest in the stock market. My brother John has the look but it’s just bullshit and wouldn’t discuss it if he did have any financial holdings. Mom had some and I’m not fooling myself when I say she knew what she was doing when she let me see what she had. Mom’s finances were real good except for the fact that not a damned soul would employ her youngest son. Nobody knew anybody, there were no breaks for me and so all that money that mom had acquired disappeared into Eddie land, a place of computers, TV and Eastern Philosophy. Oh, don’t forget the organic foods.

Am I supposed to feel guilty for it? It’s not like I was some junky or something. I took some seconals once in my freshman year and quaaludes as a sophomore, some mushrooms and I tried the acid but I was someone who stole your TV to buy drugs and broke into pharmacies. People like that are working! The prisons have reformed them or that’s what prisons want you to believe. I’ve been getting all upset about Michael Vick’s second chance. I mean what the hell am I, an Eagle fan? A Virginia Tech Alumnus? Why should I be happy about that little queer? I’m a Giant fan. Jesus, who was the celebrity who was going to South Florida to see the Bulls play? I’m no big fan of So. Florida’s but the Giants defensive tackle was drafted out of there last year. That was supposed to make all the difference. That and Antrel Rolle. Kenny Philips were back and they were supposed to have a great secondary but look what Vick did to it. I didn’t get to see the game because my TV is on the fritz but I think it was the prevent. Those things always do it. I believe in that blitz if it is working. If a defense has been working a whole game why don’t you stay with it. Mr. Obama should thank Tom Coughlin for making the Vick look so God Damned great in the last 7 minutes, pulling off the pressure, letting him run. That was a great thing they did for disadvantaged convicts throughout the country. I know a disadvantaged convict but I have to tell you he is white, not black, not a descendant of slaves.

Although I hope the Bucs don’t make it to the playoffs but the Giants do, I like Josh Freeman, too. Tampa Bay should be proud with what they have done with black quarterbacks. I believe in black quarterbacks and black coaches still though I have been through the ringer with becoming a Mason and all that shit. Freemasonry is racist and you can tell that to Pat Summerall. It’s hard to imagine that that one little soul could make a difference, isn’t it? It’s hard to imagine that because I became a Mason, ONE FLORIDA passes and I don’t complain about the obvious game it has become with who is going to play quarterback, the black boy or the white boy.

So, there’s the latest.

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