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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone. I woke up late today after staying up late last night. No football games for me but I started my Shri Guru Gita. I paid a little better attention to it today than on other days. That’s the key, pay a little attention.

One year is getting to be just like all the rest to me now.

I gave some consideration to Gurumayi’s love of resolutions and also used a bit of Ram’s Lessons to consider. I uttered I will find a job beneath my breath. I never have the feeling it’s up to me but is everything is just my mind then really it is up to me. Even Prem Rawat said the same. He said don’t pray to Angels, well, not exactly that, he just noted that people do pray to Angels, but turn within, also not exactly his words but paraphrased and realize you are the Angel.

Speaking of Angels there is a great Angel mentioned in the Urantia Book named Gavalia.

“The first-born and head of the Brilliant Evening Stars, who for the past 1,900 years has been assigned to ascendent mortal ministry. Gavalia’s associate, Galantia, currently maintains the Jerusem headquarters of this class of local universe superangels..”

That’s a quote from the UBFellowship’s glossary. I had thought the angel’s name was like Galavatia and I associated galavanting, a word my southern born father used often to describe what was happening when someone wasn’t present. “She out galavanting somewhere,” he would say. I guess the fact that the word began with “gal” impressed him, “gal” being a famous word root meaning woman.

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Laughing Buddha

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