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The Audacity of Hope

I bought President Obama’s book, The Audacity of Hope from Amazon. My mind has been rolling that phrase around and I haven’t read the book but I think I understand the phrase. It’s the greedy, the rich and powerful who resent that we who desire privilege continue to HOPE. Why do those hippies keep on thinking someone is going to legalize the pot? Why do they think “the man” is going to reduce the penalties of see that really it is a quite harmless substance and the state could make money from taxing this substance. The more it would sell the better, I have learned since all this talk about our economy. So the HOPE goes on and those who would not gain from this mercy, those who have no advantage in keeping young and old people out of jail for their involvement with this innocuous substance they find our hope AUDACIOUS.

AUDACIOUS is a funny word. My father used to speak like a baby when he was dealing with his dog or even with me sometimes and trying to say Good Gracious, he would say Aw Daysus which sounded quite a bit like AUDACIOUS. Audacity. One has the audacity to desire to succeed when he has failed so many times before? What is audacity really? They have the audacity to involve us in another war after Vietnam?  We should not even hope that they keep us out of wars. That’s why hope is audacious. Hope in small people, the underprivileged, the disadvantaged is something audacious.

After all the times I’ve beaten you, you have the audacity to challenge me again? That’s it. That’s the audacity of hope.

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