What a Day.

Without my TV service I don’t one day from the next. I got my van back on Friday and if you didn’t know it I paid 988.98 for a new transmission. I’ve been having so much trouble reading the new lesson, #13, that I wrote to D.R. who gratefully is allowing his wife to answer the mail. That’s a struggle, too. She defends him for the most part. I always want to say something that he isn’t because I have watched a video or read something in a book and so I want some discussion of those things and those discussions don’t happen in the lesson. What can you say. I think most of what he wrote in those lessons he wrote years ago and he’s just rehashing them. Due to some arrangement with Siddha Yoga he has to edit them now to remove all mention of Gurumayi, Baba and Shaktipat. Pity, I say. But I see others in Siddha Yoga have left the nest and started their own way, i.e. Paul Eduardo Muller-Ortega author of The Triadic Heart of Shiva and now founder, I think, of Neelakantha Meditation. It was many years ago I visited the ashram and many years ago that DARSHAN magazine was delivered to my mother’s door and many years ago that mom and I watched the DARSHAN video series as well as other tapes. I just mention mom to give you a sense of environment. I was alone in the world then, except for mom.

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