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I saw a woman who looked a lot like my mom today when I went to Wal Mart for one of my prescriptions. It wasn’t spot on but she had the same style and sense of fashion. Very different woman really, but I was flattered by whatever brings those things about. Was it the Guru, the inner self? I don’t know but it was very nice. Mom died 4 years ago today, Jan. 12th. I had been thinking of mom and getting flowers for her grave. Did that bring up the woman? She was a real woman. I looked at her. I should have conversed with her and told her she looked like mom. I was feeling very quiet though. I have been kind of mad lately. Kind of unhappy. It’s the debt and all, no job, no girl friend, etc.
Same day I met the most beautiful girl who was a hostess at the Taj, an Indian restaurant in Gainesville. What a doll. She was like a female Krishna. Quite a thing. Very exciting. She appeared to be quite enthusiastic about her job and her life.
The Taj is located in the old Pizza Hut location. They have kept the building. Lunch is a buffet. A bit expensive but it is interesting fare if you have never had Indian food. The best was some pakoras, some cauliflower and some potato, apparently and chicken, both Tandoori and Curried chicken. The chicken was very tender and tasty. I didn’t mean to eat meat when I went there but I had been thinking a little about it.
What a lovely woman though and some nice patrons, too, a professorial type of person, a black man and a white woman. Later a man and his baby daughter, she was maybe 4, came in. Some Indian bussers and a black fellow in the back who reminded me that I had forgotten my bag when I left. The bag was the case for my mini computer, my net book. I brought it in thinking maybe there was a wifi connection. They had a TV going with an Indian TV show on so I guess there wasn’t any wifi.

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