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Ads for work for people, not just the guys.

I was reading the want ads in the Gainesville Sun today and I saw this ad for what I thought of was like some superperson. It was just for an office assistant, a position I had part time as part of work study at Santa Fe. Green conscious, book lover, passion – writing/ knowledge/ fitness. Computer fluency, Eye for detail, Inter in MMA a plus. I don’t know what MMA is but I’m betting this is at a law office because it is on NE 1st St. in Gainesville. I excluded myself when I saw passion for fitness. I try but I can’t say I have a passion. Now it looks more and more like a woman fits this position because I see women at Alter Ego who fit this description very well as far as fitness is concerned. I do see some lawyers come in there as well. Maybe those women already work on1st St. 1st St. id where the Santa Fe arts festival used to be held. It holds personal meaning to me. The NE campus of the college was once right behind it. I don’t think I fit a law office. Of course you are not allowed anymore to say what gender you are looking for in your ads for employment. I imagine some fellows could fit this description, young fellows, as I imagined a young woman fitting it. I’m 57 years old. I get confused and angry about things though my spiritual practice does help to mitigate those things.

One of my co-workers at Santa Fe might fit, if she had computer fluency. As for green consciousness. I am aware but not very involved. I don’t have a recycle bin at my apartment and I carry my plastic bottles and used newspapers to places where they can be recycled. My greenness goes that far. My auto is now kind of a clunker. If I get a job and they bring that program back maybe I will be able to get a more energy conscious mobile, but not yet.

I almost lost this whole page when my Registry Mechanic cranked up.

I’m not much of a book lover either though I like to dine at Book Lovers Cafe. I have books but I can seldom read more than a few parargraphs or so. I’m interested in scriptures like Shri Guru Gita or Yoga Vasshishtha or Shrimad Bhagavatam. I have those books at home and I have studied them. Loving books means reading a novel to me. I haven’t done that in ages.

I imagine there is also a dress code attached to this position, a dress shirt, dress pants, etc. Maybe even a tie for a fellow and probably they want someone who can “hit the ground running.” I don’t think I can do that. I’m not part of the clique. This would be a whole new experience for me. It sounds challenging. The pay is $12 an hour. Moreover, I have visited these downtown law offices. During the Bill McBride campaign for Governor I did some telephone work out of an office there. They are small offices. I don’t suffer from claustrophobia but it could depress one a little being stuck in a tiny, little space for long hours.

I don’t know that my resume would have a lot to say for me either. I really think a job for me must come from people I know, people who can take pity on my situation and extend a helping hand, people who wish to be humanitarian, Christian or just GOOD.

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