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A 4 Letter Word

Somebody posted today at Facebook about the word fuck. It was funny because I had thought of the word fuck myself today. It was the common everyday use of the word you’ve heard every man and woman use to express frustration, it was this use of the word instead of making love. “Are you fuck, did she fuck, want to fuck,” instead of “are you making love, did she make love, want to make love?” It has really taken over in that category and I don’t think it’s any good for sex. Sucking is another word. Suck my cock is a common expression that I find difficult to like. I remember a fellow who used to say blow me, but he didn’t mean it half as much as some of the fellows who say suck my cock. It sounds gentler anyway this blow me thing. It sounds like fellatio, which is the latin for that sex act, oral sex on a male. It’s making love orally on another man. Of course it could be said to a woman if you were in the habit of calling her your “bitch” or something like that. I knew one couple in which the female was known by her religious distinction. Her pet name was Jew. Wasn’t that interesting? Like a Jew woman. Who was the man I wonder, Uncle Sam? Maybe the President. I guess that’s for hating America. Uncle Sam or the President takes the Jew and “fucks” her. I had heard she was pretty smart, on the “president’s list” at the university. I would have preferred to have gotten a scholarship to go to the university because I don’t think there is a president’s list. It’s all just being smooth, I guess. Talking about one thing while you mean another, a kind of game I would say, but maybe just too real, too cool to be called a game, too status rendering.

Here’s that famous song by Joan Baez about love being a 4 letter word. The first time I listened to it closely the man was saying love is just a 4 letter word and I really understood that. It was a coarse and insensitive thing to say, his wife having just had a child, but in this version it is the wife, with the child on her knee saying, “love is just a 4 letter word.”

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