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Liberals and Elvis Presley

Today in an article in Salon a wrtier mentioned Elvis, quaaludes and the bathroom. Yeah, it’s very funny the dying of Elvis Presley especially to liberals. I wonder though where liberals would be at today if instead of Elvis my big brother’s room was full of Pat Boone records. Talk about a nightmare. What would the Rolling Stones and the Beatles sound like? Would there be such a thing as rock and roll. What would have become of Chuck Berry? Many people called Chuck the King of Rock and Roll when Elvis was in decline. I first heard it in the 70’s. Kings were not really my thing anyway. Not sure it was any favor at all to call Chuck Berry the King of Rock and Roll. He had a lot to do with its orgins, I’ll give you that and the Beatles and Stones rendering of his tunes were really great, but he couldn’t get millions to scream when he let out a note and nobody ever wanted to remove Chuck from the stage for wiggling his hips and thrusting his torso up like he was having sex on stage. So, if the liberals don’t want him let the country folks in the red states have him. I think that could have been the real death of Elvis. The country food, the country lifestyle, the country friends but if all the eastern intellectuals are going to call you crude and vulgar and no talent, what can you do?

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