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Meat Eating

I’ve been eating meat lately and so this whole Meatless Monday thing has me really pissed off. I had a hero at Hogan’s Heroes. There was a beautiful younger woman there who took my order. Do you suppose she ate meat. I know, hey, she didn’t. Oh, I love that one. Two more gorgeous young women came in and guess what, they didn’t eat meat either. I was the only schmuck there eating the GD meat. I’ll go to hell for it. Meat is Murder, you know, just like Abortion. That Jesus ate fish is of no one’s concern. To the meditator Jesus is just  a Queer. Still trying to figure out how he did those miracles, they deduce Jesus was “enlightened, ” like Buddha whom they don’t accept as their own because Buddha rejected the Vedas. No doubt I’m all wrong here and the great Acaryas, or those who do nothing but study, study, study and learn of arguments against science and Christiantiy and Islam and Judaism and whoever the hell else is different from them, they will take me to task should they ever have the chance to hear this foolishness from my mouth. Of course here on WordPress is a good place but a lot of people don’t like to meet me here.  You too? Yeah, they don’t want to indulge the melodrama. If you don’t know what a melodrama is it’s like one of Bruce Springsteen’s songs. “In the DARKNESS, I HEAR SOMEBODY CALL MY NAME!!!”

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