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Schooldays, Oh Schooldays

I dreamt last night that I had to go to school and who was teaching but a fellow I had issues with when I was in school. He wasn’t really himself in that he didn’t look like himself or act like him. He was an actor who played opposite Russel Crowe in L.A. Story. This guy was my Biology teacher from High School. I failed biology, but this teacher used to express strong opinions about abortion in his class. Lots of students didn’t like it.
This class, too, was very hard. I wasn’t sure if the teacher recognized me. There were many questions on a test that I could in no way grasp. I did, by the way watch Paper Chase, the movie version, the other night. The teacher betrayed no recognition of who I was beyond the kind of recognition I used to get in Florida when my hair grew and I expressed opinions. I had to tell him I had him, we had each other, in 5th grade. It was 10th grade but then this man looked nothing like the teacher except that he was equally mean and sharp. Later the prinicipal of the school came around, after class, after I failed miserably at the test. He, too, was different, unusually smiley and happy, very unlike the man who would upbraid the art teacher in 7th grade for too much noise in her class, and not so HEAVY at all.
The dream ended when I was someone was coming to talk to me. I heard steps up the stairs and a rapping at my real door of my apartment. It was really the door next door. They had a package trying to be delivered.

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