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I’m watching this movie on Netflix called Unthinkable. It makes me think of my brother. He joined the Air Force in 1962. The year before, probably, I had finally given in to those who would have me get my teeth cleaned. Mom was taking me to the dentist and we saw John walking home from high school crying. His friend had just been assaulted by a policeman. He said the policeman had turned his friend’s face into hamburger. I was only 8 or 9 years old. What could I do?

We didn’t go to the dentist. John walked home. I don’t remember seeing him thereafter or any discussion of the assault of his friend by a police officer. Like then, police had a right to do anything they liked.

Sometimes I think John has had one of those operations like the Spotless Mind movie. They have removed important memories in his mind. Maybe they did that in the Air Force. Far fetched, but it is like warfare with him. The little brother is his communist and whenever he meets with him he is very proud of how he has dealt with the little bastard. Keeping them commies at bay. It’s just weird and all seemed to start when he was set free from the Air Force, when he got his “honorable” discharge. Sometimes I wonder, is that a degree? He’s so smart, does everything better than everybody else. Quite an egotist in the words of D.R. Butler. D.R. speaks of melodramas but you must note he speaks of egotistical melodramas. Their root is in the ego, there is no service to God or Man in these stories.

In the Unthinkable the use of torture is invoked to get information about a nuclear threat. At the point I’m at watching we see no clear evidence that the bombs actually exist. It’s miliary, it’s nutty. It’s not a great movie. No doubt it’s total gross came from the appearance of Sam Jackson as its star. Wonder if they did any spotless mind work on any of the characters in this movie?

They have all these yells and screams while this man is tortured but there is no way screams could express the pain one experiences from these torments. This terrorist has 3 nuclear bombs, he claims, and his demands are get out of all Muslim ruled nations. That’s a big diplomatic strategy, isn’t it? I mean if you have 3 nuclear bombs already, that’s enough to send America scurrying, weaken it’s presence around the world beyond Muslim countries, so what’s the point? If you can set those bombs off do you need to demand anyone get out of Afghanistan or wherever? I don’t get it.

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