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The BLACK Convenience Store

I take melatonin every night and yesterday I was still so tired when I went out that I was afraid it was impairing my driving. Usually, I would go to a Walgreens and pick up a Frappuccino or something but I was too far away from one of the having gone by Hawthorne way to see if there was a basketball tournament at my old Alma Mater, HHS. I missed the road to go by the gym and only went by the football field. I continued into town. As I entered Gainesville, at that road that takes you to EHS, Eastside High, I pulled into a convenience store. The driver who had been in front of me pulled in first. As I pulled up to the parking spaces I could see the driver was black. There was a black man hanging out in front of the store and when I got out of my van and headed into the store I could see the clerk and manager were black as were all the customers.

You know my CDs haven’t been playing right so I’ve been listening to the radio. All of Gainesville appears to have gone country on the radio except for one black station, 101.3. I’ve never really listened to a lot of rap. I have been into yoga and listening to chanting of Indian texts and mantras. I hear a lot of white people say the hate rap. I’ve never listened to a lot of it but the rock station could really get old, they are all white, too and I hear the people when they say rock is racist and sexist and I will bet, homophobic, too. The little bit of rock I could get the past few nights has been good, I heard Maybe I’m Amazed on a station and I really like that tune, but the station didn’t come in well, so eventually I found this black station. It was a good station, too, compared to the Country stations. I just hate Country.

And so I suppose that’s how I come across so many black people. I listen to the music. Isn’t it just like your mind creating the world?

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