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Satsang with Baba, Volume Two

Page 3, Satsang with Baba, Volume Two a question is asked about duty to parents. Baba responds speaking of financial obligations to parents. I guess he had not heard about good retirement plans or social security. If a parent is on social security I certainly understand Baba’s statements that kids should take care of their parents but if parents have retired well, what is the sense?

I was sensitive to this question and answer in that my parents continued to support me though I had to live in their home. I guess it’s a unique experience Baba couldn’t understand. I often get some real macho vibes from Baba and the Siddhas. If you don’t like it here, “Go somewhere else,” and other comments that make me wonder about their commitment to me.

I really don’t like that kind of verbal abuse. It’s the essence of what my father was about. He was verbally abusive. There are other ways to abuse too. None of Siddha Yoga’s problem.

On page 3 though of Satsang with Baba, Volume Two Baba Muktananda goes on to speak about parents lack of support for their children’s spiritual practices which I appreciate.  He says, “If your family cannot help you advance on the path, then of use is family?”

A funny little joke at the end of this, “It is sometimes seen that parents go off their rockers in their old age and they do not understand what you are doing. When it is time for you to meditate they would want to have some nonsensical conversation with you.”

I have no idea why my parents stayed married. There were people their age who got divorced. I wish Baba could have spoken to a premeditated determination to stop your progress on the spiritual path, a political injunction to keep us from following our “bliss,” our inner self. Right and Left, revolutionary and evolutionary. I am confounded with that mess. Is it just some melodrama my desire for this Self born bliss? Baba, Siddha Yoga, sees our spiritual life as in perfect harmony with everything else. So, am I wrong to look for classes in the Bhagavad gita or eastern religious thought in the university? Am I supposed to be an English teacher despite my interest in India and it’s multiplicity of spiritual paths? An English teacher. What made me decide to be that? Why was I afraid of Politcal Science and Philosophy or Journalism? A necessary grade had to be kept up in those schools. I was on academic suspension, how was I to keep up a grade. I wrote a little poetry but even that had to be produced by hunting and pecking on a typewriter.

So, college life. I should have stayed focused on that but I had other ideas. I thought I could just join up something like Siddha Yoga but there didn’t seem to be a lot of people and no one was willing to just “take me in.”  I guess I had already had the beginnings of a commune but that had broken up. Nobody agreed about a Guru. Vegetarians, but not Guru. Some liked American Indians like the Hopis, others didn’t even care for that. But was this a commune or just “my friends?” My friends a little, a commune a little. I had visited a commune with some new friends in 1975. Stephan’s Farm and the Cuckoo which went defunct in competition with nearby Walden II. Why do we have to compete? Why do non-traditional types compete with each other or “see” competition when there is the great traditional world’s progress staring at them anytime they pick up a newspaper or a national magazine, or visit one online?

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