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Bring her flowers.

I don’t know what it is about flowers that is so special to women. Is it they symbolize femininity. It seems like men dare not enjoy the beauty and scent of the flower. I remember the importance of flowers when I was a teenager. Do you think mom would give me the money to buy flowers for a girl? Well, the only girl I had the bravery to present with a gift on Valentine’s Day was in the 4th grade and I gave her chocolates.

When I grew up and became a hippie all these conventions were given up. If a boy could make enough money to buy a car or put gas in a car that his parents bought for him, where was he to get money for flowers and candy, etc. My car, by the way, was a real bomb thanks to my father’s stinginess and resentment of my love for my step-brother with whom he was not friends to say the least. So it was never flowers that made love in those days but consideration for your loves opinions and thoughts on things. What rock bands did she enjoy? What were her political opinions? What books did she read?

Wealth was not much on the mind of the young adult who could barely buy that very special bag of pot and the long playing record that had to accompany that grooving experience. A nice lovemaking nest was of import as well, some psychedelic lights and so forth.

Marijuana itself became known as a flower later. Was it a special breed called flower tops or did all marijuana plants have a flower top? I don’t remember. I know it wasn’t all “gold” nor all “rainbow,” etc.

Anyway, at $25 for a dozen roses, who could possibly expect them everyday?

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