My name should be Arvin, like the South Vietnamese Army. My big brother would be AMERICA. RIGHT? YES?

Why who has even ever thought of that? I’ve heard of black people being White Man’s Burden and their must be someone to help those pathetic hippies whom I’ve heard no longer exist.

I wonder what made me feel that way today? Meditation? Gurumayi? No, definitely not her.

It was ARVN that lost the war.

Way up NORTH. I guess that’s why John isn’t like the other young big brothers I encounter. I hardly even keep up with their ages, I can just tell by looking at them. John is so much more important than Sam and Charles Collins, Reed Ellis or the teachers at Santa Fe. Yes, they are free to disappear but John has his own way of disappearing and doing secret work when no one is looking, like Russel Crowe in “A Beautiful Mind.”

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