My aunt is from Brooklyn. She pronounces brother as brudder. It’s common in Brooklyn to speak this way.

I found out about brotherhood later in my life when I was in college. Actually it may have come up in high school, in those years because of the war in Vietnam. Killing our brothers was the issue. Of course the American Civil War brought that up. I eventually learned about the spiritual reality of brotherhood. All men are brothers. God is our Father. Very important tenets in Christianity.

I used to like my brothers. They were funny and did things for me. They were very important to me. They new how to do things, they knew about the world, they understood things. Now, I never see them. Same with these other brothers that came along later who were similar to me as men, not wanting war, believing in civil rights, gay rights, women’s rights. They were my brothers in that sense. Often they were peers. Pot smokers were brothers, they called themselves after the musical group doobie brothers, a doobie referring to the marijuana cigarette a.k.a a joint or a number.

Brothers aren’t necessarily kind to brothers and I had a falling out with some. Some brothers don’t care for some sisters and that doesn’t help. Some brothers want to sleep with some sisters who have given themselves to other brothers. That can cause trouble, a lot of trouble.

This meditation or sadhana as they call it has made me think of the real meaning of brotherhood. I’m sure this consciousness will expand and spread to the larger reality. At this point its just my personal brothers.

Tom Hanks made a TV Show called Band of Brothers. I didn’t watch it. I took it to be patriotic propaganda, a cheerleading to get the country united behind the war on terror. It could turn into some caring about those whom we sent to fight in the recent wars. Tom might do something about vets in hospitals and getting jobs. That would be patriotic to me. I don’t want any more war. I don’t want it to expand. I want peace to expand.


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