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John and Joe McCarthy

My step-brother Bill hit my brother John with a left cross back in 1960. John wouldn’t do the dishes his and his step-brother’s mom had asked him to do so Bill told him to get up, spun him around and swung at him. John went reeling. I think I’ll never forget it. I believe John tries to get even for that with me. He beats me at all games, never gives me nothing. He adopted a “right” wing political position and even hated mom. Quite a queer, but my step siblings say he has always been that way. A point my step-sister made was that John was the “baby” before I was born and he lost all the attention of being “the baby” when I appeared. That was in 1953. Eisenhower began his presidency. I understand there was a fellow named McCarthy raising Hell on TV about communism in America and that TV had just appeared in American living rooms.

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