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Pathos, last post

My last post was pretty negative but I’m feeling better lately even though the Gators didn’t win the SEC Tournament. I get upset at times and maybe I should delete a post like my last one though, dear me, I hardly remember what it was about.

I just uploaded a link at my Facebook page of some girls with handicaps that a Urantia Book supporter wants to help. I noticed that I do try to avoid dealing with these extreme cases of misfortune. A young boy was wheeled into Panera Bread the other day who was suffering from Cerebral Palsy I believe. It was just terrible. I hope he enjoyed going out to eat though and Panera’s isn’t a bad place, either. I had an enjoyable tomato and mozzarella panini. At that time I also got a free bakery item with my coffee. I had a cheese danish.

Panera has been doing good things to feed the poor I read in my newspaper, opening a place somewhere where those suffering difficult economic times could eat for free and those not so bad off could leave an offering. I forget where that is. It’s not in Gainesville.

I got my Lifeline discount on my phone bill this month. Neato. Saved about $25. I’m wondering about my food stamps though. Last time I used the card it maxed out. It renews every month but I am unclear on exactly what day. I’m sure they’ve renewed my eligibility.

Good news about my TV. I got it over to the repair shop. I also would like to share with you how I got this deal from Wachovia Bank that will allow me to take 50% off of the repair cost. I just send them the bill and they will send me a check for half the cost. Isn’t that neat. I forget the name of the program but the first month is $1 and the following months are $14. When the guy on the phone said I got 1/2 off on electronics repairs I was immediately interested. There were other parts of the thing that I can’t remember and the brochure on the program is somewhere on my apartment floor right now. I had to write to the bank to find out if I had to use my check card to get the money back. I was getting a lost card replaced when I was offered the deal. Since my 54″ plasma TV was out, naturally I went for it. I had been hearing some very high prices for repair but I just don’t know about all that. You can buy a new one for $1,000 but I sure don’t want to do that. I don’t know what it will cost. I’m just a little in the dark about all that.

Hoping I can get a job before I have to start using Sears and Penney’s cards to pay bills and things. That’s what happened before I came to selling the house. I’m sorry none of my family are able to help me out with this impossible debt.

Tomorrow is my birthday! I’ll be 58.

I have by the way trashed that last post so don’t look for it.

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