Big Game

I really enjoyed the game today. It’s interesting that Ram is writing about his athletic career and how the principles of universal truth were involved. It was really visualization. He imagined in his fantasies how he would sink every shot in basketball and the next year excelled in the sport. Our thoughts – and feelings – being the key. I tried to tell this to my golfing brother once but … I don’t know what ever came of it.

I was so desperate this afternoon when the game on the streaming video was running behind the game being twittered by one osgators at I think I didn’t read a thing from the 5 minute point to the 20 seconds remaining. Rachel George is in charge and she reported the shot by Erving Walker, that improbable shot against the taller, heavier man that went in and gave Florida a 5 point lead. The lead had been 6, then cut to 3 and with Walker’s shot it was 5. It was just after Kenny Boynton had gotten hurt. My streaming video game hadn’t even shown the 2 3 pointers by Boynton and Erik Murphy that put us ahead 6. Finally, I was seeing that and I had to wait and wait and wait. Suddenly, it was Gators by 6 with 20 seconds to go. Still possible for UCLA to tie or win with some mistakes on our part. Maybe we miss free throws, maybe we throw it away or give up a steal. Luckily none of those things happened.

Realized after some time that BYU whom we may play in the Elite 8 was the team we played last year that eliminated us in the first round. Today the broadcasters were talking about how Donovan sat his now senior players, was it at the beginning of this year, for the failure to put for the effort in practice and at the game last year. BYU sat a player for having sex. I understand he was their biggest star but now I remember a fellow named Jimmer being the BIG STAR. So, what’s with that kind of journalism? Jimmer Fredette. He’s having a good time against Gonzaga now, though I think the Zags played a tougher opponent than BYU when they played St. John’s University. BYU got Wofford.

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