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Liberal Media and Liberal Ideas

I just don’t understand how liberals have ugly things to say about kids in provocative clothes. I mean what if the girls were nudists? Isn’t that ok? Isn’t it ok to be a nudist?
They fight about this in yoga, castigating the sky clad sannyasis. Usually it’s the Vaishnavas cursing the Shaivites. So, it’s an issue.
But liberals have nothing to do with yoga either. It’s a religion to them, not a science as yogis often, or is it always, claim. Since it is religion it has no place in the pages of their media or in government. Don’t mention yoga when a faith based governor puts Christ in the prisons. Don’t even suggest it or look at programs that are already in place there. Baba Muktananda came to this area in 1975. You know where he spoke? At Raiford Prison. Ram Dass was here that same year. He spoke at the University and the community college. Or didn’t speak. He blessed us but spoke not as I recall. I found out about Swami Muktananda’s visit years later as I wasn’t present in Gainesville, FL then, I was traveling to Gaskins Farm and The Rainbow Festival in Arkansas and Walden II and Cuckoo Farm and Naropa Institute in Boulder, CO. I learned of Baba and his Prison Program years later when I visited one of his meditation centers in Gainesville in 1978 or 9.
It’s a wonder that liberal media like Salon bitch about Obama’s center politics when they have nothing to offer to yoga or nudism.

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