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Hot Town, Springtime in the City

Yeah, they call Gainesville a city but that’s really rude to places that deserve the name like Jacksonville, Orlando or Tampa. They and the world famous Miami are the principle cities in Florida. There are no more. Maybe Daytona in that it is bigger than Gainesville and Lauderdale, of course. I’ve seen many towns bigger than Gainesville right here in Florida. Orange Park and Hollywood come to mind. When I stopped at AlterEgo today someone mentioned how hot it was today and it was indeed.

My day started off with getting my computer back from the PC Repair man across the street. Nice guy named Rob. He has a very gentle dog with him, so unlike the barking nuts that live next door to me, Tebow and Sky. Happy with getting my Dell laptop fixed, I brought Rob my Gateway desktop to fix up. I bought a large hard drive for the Gateway one or two years ago and I didn’t put the operating system on it. So, Rob is going to do that for me. He is reasonably priced too.

I went into town after getting the 1420 back and decided I would get my hair cut today. This place that I go to, a Supercuts, usually has rock and roll playing on the radio but today it was country. When the country girl who was at work today started at my hair I was afraid I was going to get a crewcut, but it wasn’t bad. Many cuts are kind of short these days and I think she gave me a pretty good cut for the day.

April 4th, 2011

A New Look

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